Hire right with unbiased technical interviews

Kernul supercharges the process of hiring high quality software engineers. Assess your candidates through our consistent interview process and unlock thousands of engineering hours.

Interviewers from:

Our engineers will evaluate and provide detailed feedback on the technical ability of your candidates so that you make an informed decision

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Consistent interviews

Our interview engineers have consistently vetted thousands of candidates
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Detailed interview reports

A comprehensive detailed report of the candidates performance will be provided
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Flexible times

Candidates can schedule interviews at a time that works best for them

Whats the function

Let’s see how it works


Add Candidate to platform

Provide info on the candidate that you would like interviewed.

Interview scheduled with candidate

We will contact the candidate and schedule the interview directly with them.

Kernul conducts interview

We will interview candidate using our fair, unbiased and consistent process.

Recieve candidate report and hiring suggestion

Recieve hiring suggestion and detailed candidate report on candidate’s performance.

Language agnostic interviews for a consistent interview experience

Our interviewers are well versed in several coding languages and provide a language agnostic experience to all candidates.


Get your question answered


How are candidates assessed ?
Candidates are assessed through a consistent and unbiased technical interviews. All candidates are assesed using the same critera to ensure consistent results for your hiring bar.
How do candidates schedule times for interview? ?
Candidates recieve an email instantly after the candidate is added to the platform. Candidates can then select a time that works best for them.
How many candidates can be added?
You may add an unlimited number of candidates that you would like interviewed. Please ensure you have sufficent credits which can be purchased through our dashboard.
How long does it take for the report to be sent after candidate is interviewed ?
The report is generated and available on the platform within two hours after the interview.
How does the candidate get interviewed ?
The candidate has the flexibility to choose an interview within three weeks of recieveing the interview request. Special requests can be accomodated.


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